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Laboring past Labor Day

A lot of us have returned to work today after a much needed 3 day weekend. But now that we have returned we are met with tedious work task, code switching, and the ever present difficult coworker(s). The reason for this post is to minister to you and to myself because it is my day to be paired with that difficult coworker to complete today's assignment. Lord give me strength!

In this walk with Christ we know we will be met with challenges in every aspect of our lives. For most, work place trouble seems to be the most stressful. Maybe because most of our time awake is spent there. Maybe because we are in our dream job and want to excel greatly at it. But I believe it to be the most stressful because going to work ensures a check at the end of the week or every two weeks. (Insert praise break lol) Going to work helps us finance our lives, travels, children’s activities, and save up for a rainy day. When we encounter difficult coworkers that make us want to act in the flesh as oppose to in His spirit it threatens all the benefits the place of employment brings. Thus creating the stress.

However, we must always remember that we fight not against flesh and blood but principalities and spiritual forces of evil (paraphrasing Ephesians 6:12). So if we bring our good Christians selves on the job and trouble arises then we know exactly where it is coming from. And if we know where it is coming from then we need not fight it because the victory has already been won in Christ. So then... what if that difficult coworker was sent as a test for you? What if they were sent so that you can love on them as Christs loves on us? What if through the Christ like love you are giving it convicts the difficult coworker or the surrounding coworkers? Could surrounding coworkers see how you demonstrate Christ’s love to the unlovable? Could that win one soul in your office? We can’t just praise His name and revel in His marvelous presence in church. We have to do that EVERYWHERE as difficult as it maybe. Jesus walked and ate with his betrayer day and night so I think we can get through 8 hours.

Prayer: Holy Spirit I need you in a mighty way to help me get through the workday and remain Holy in the fathers sight. My flesh wants to defend itself and attack back when attacked. I rebuke that in Jesus name and pray and ask that you help me extend the love of Christ to every difficult person and situation I encounter today. I pray that my thoughts change and I instantly respond in love instead of wrath. Holy Spirit you are the helper and I need you. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Be the light and pray for me as I pray for you!

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